The ‘Why’ of Journalism

Neha Prakash of Condé Nast

ProPublica senior reporter Jack Gillum visited Prof. Pam Frederick’s News Literacy class in December to discuss investigative reporting and the techniques he uses to cover the intersection of technology, data and civil rights — in other words, how algorithms affect our daily lives. Gillum describes investigative journalism as being about the “why” and not the… Continue reading


Top News Exec on Student Work

Andy Heyward

“Do less better” is the resounding advice from former CBS News President Andrew Heyward to Professor Sissel McCarthy’s news video reporting students. Heyward came to class recently to critique student profile assignments and told students a more focused piece is always better. “Report broadly by being relentless on the street and then ruthless as an… Continue reading


Videographer Stresses Problem-Solving

Frank Posillico Twitter profile photo

by Jon Friedman Frank Posillico, a videographer at The New York Daily News for the past five years, visited my News Literacy in a Digital Age classroom in November and imparted some career advice for the members of the class. “Stress your problem-solving ability” in job interviews, advised Posillico, who is in his late 20s.… Continue reading


Behind the scenes at Fox

Briana Panetta (second from left), during a scholarship awards program with her mother (at her left) and two news executives. Photo: Stony Brook University School of Journalism

by Jon Friedman Briana Panetta, an intern at Fox 5 here in New York City, visited my News Literacy class in mid-November and told Hunter College students about the behind-the-scenes life at a major local television news channel. Panetta, who graduated last May from the Stony Brook University School of Journalism, has grown up fast,… Continue reading


Anchoring Advice for Video Students

Fortune Magazine’s Susie Gharib with Hunter video news reporting students.

News Video Reporting (MEDPL 283) students made their on-air debuts in mid-November as they learned how to read from a teleprompter and deliver the news from the Hunter North fourth floor studio. Fortune Magazine’s Susie Gharib, who anchored business programs for CNBC and PBS, gave the students of Prof. Sissel McCarthy’s class, three things to… Continue reading