Course Closeups

Welcome to the Newsroom

After graduating from college, many people feel their undergraduate experience didn’t prepare them for what the workforce would be like.…

Remote Learning has its Advantages in Magazine Writing

While remote learning is nothing like meeting in person, it has its pluses. This fall's Magazine and Feature Writing classes, taught by Professor David Alm, are benefitting from the focused intimacy of a Zoom call, allowing students to work both in small groups and as a whole to develop their ideas and polish their writing without the pressures of in-person contact.

Audience Engagement Editor Visits Neighborhood News

As an audience engagement editor at the LA Times, Adrienne Shih works with the newsroom to help readers see and interact with stories better. This means collaborating with reporters and editors to create headlines, push notifications, social media rollouts and newsletters.

Course Closeup: Dive into the World of Data Storytelling this Fall

As the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, data and numbers can tell powerful stories as a key part of the news. But crafting numbers into useful information or a coherent narrative is no easy task. So to help, Hunter’s journalism program next fall is offering a course to ensure that students are well-equipped with the necessary mastery over data-driven storytelling. Find out more or register.