LinkedIn Tips

LinkedIn can be a very useful tool for searching for jobs, and many employers will use it to get a quick glance at your experience and connections. Also, it is designed to help you make connections with people in your network. For example, if you are interested in working at ABC News, see what Hunter College grads are there now and reach out. Find more info on using LinkedIn here.

To follow are some tips on making sure your profile reads well to future employers:


The image attached to your profile should be a professional-looking one that clearly shows your face. Follow these simple tips, and if you can, get a friend with some skill to shoot the picture for you:
> choose a simple, plain background, or one that is not distracting (ie, avoid signs or words)
> wear work attire for your photo shoot
> look directly at the camera
> crop the photo from the shoulders up
> do not include pets, friends, children, etc
> shoot in natural but indirect light (inside near a window, or outside in the shade)


Tell viewers what you do now, (ex: Media major) and what you want to do in the future (ex: Aspiring journalist)


Describes what motivates you, what you are skilled at, and what’s next. (Ex: I’m at senior at Hunter College, and starting to look now for jobs as a reporter or editor in the news industry. As a journalism student at Hunter, I have been engaged in the topic of news literacy and have gained practical experience in our television studio as well as in the field as a reporter. I also speak Spanish fluently, and have an interest in travel and food writing that I hope to pursue.)


List the jobs you have held, even if they are part-time, along with what you accomplished at each. You can include photos or videos or logos to enhance the look of the page.


Be sure to include any extracurricular groups you are a part of, such as sports or clubs, and include a description as well. (Ex: Hunter Varsity Soccer; Played four years on the college’s varsity soccer team, including two as a starter. The team went on to the division championships in both 2014 and 2015.)


Start with college and include any summer programs or semesters abroad.

Volunteer experience

Don’t neglect to include any unpaid jobs or other experiences with your church, neighborhood organization, etc. (Ex: Habitat for Humanity; Joined my church group’s weeklong program in New Orleans to help build housing for Katrina victims for spring break, 2010.)


Add at least five key skills from the LinkedIn list.


List any relevant course work here, such as RW1, Studio News, Neighborhood News.


You can excerpt your letters of recommendation here, or ask past employers to post a note.