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Media Ethics Course is in a “Good Place”

The classic thought experiment known as “the trolley problem,” depicted in the screengrab above from the NBC sitcom “The Good Place,” was used in the Media Ethics course to analyze various ethical decision-making frameworks.

Pop culture references and current events are cropping up weekly in a newly revamped MEDIA 386: Media Ethics course taught this fall by Professor Adam Glenn. 

The advanced media studies course uses video clips from the TV Show “The Good Place” and Star Trek to help students familiarize themselves with time-honored ethical frameworks. 

Black Lives Matters protests, revelations about President Trump’s coronavirus response and the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg are also fodder for students to delve into case law around the First Amendment and libel issues. 

And thanks to Hunter’s shift to distance learning, the Zoom-based class is making extensive use of online teaching tools, with students sharing their insights on the digital bulletin board app, Padlet, Blackboard forums and the video discussion site, Flipgrid.

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