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Course Closeup: Dive into the World of Data Storytelling this Fall

Screen grab from a student interactive project published on Dateline:CUNY.

Data and numbers can tell powerful stories, frequently serving as a key part of the news. That’s been especially apparent in recent months, as many of us closely track the headlines on the COVID-19 pandemic.

But crafting numbers into useful information or a coherent narrative is no easy task. So to help, Hunter’s journalism program next fall is offering a course to ensure that students are well-equipped with the necessary mastery over data-driven storytelling. 

Data Journalism: Telling Stories With Numbers (MEDPL297), taught by veteran digital journalism and distinguished lecturer, Adam Glenn, is a step into the world of data journalism reporting and visual storytelling using emerging techniques and tools. Students will master basic statistics, use of spreadsheets, data collection and organizing, and basic design principles. 

“We’re seeing massive amounts of data generated out there in every field — whether it’s public health and the environment, or entertainment, sports and business,” said Glenn.

“The idea of this course is to help students dive into the data they’re interested in, so they can uncover the stories it tells.”

Adam Glenn, data journalism instructor

“The idea of this course is to help students dive into the data they’re interested in, so they can uncover the stories it tells,” he added. “The class then teaches them how to put it together into a beautifully designed interactive visual package so they can tell their data-driven news stories.”

Several past data journalism students have had their work from the course published on Dateline:CUNY, a website that features student work from across all of CUNY, Glenn noted. Published data interactives covered student commuter stress, the history of New York’s LGBTQ community and diversity concerns with the museum admissions policies.

Register now, check out a sample syllabus for course or email the instructor for more info (

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