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Labor Council Opens Journalism Contest

The Metro New York Labor Communications Council is offering a $500 prize for work by tri-state area undergraduate and graduate journalism students (and other majors) on the theme, “The 2020 elections and My Life/My Community.” Submission deadline is May 4.

The prize is given to the student whose work touches emotions and/or brings insight to issues around the election of a president in November, and for additional state and local elections, such as: How will this impact your life and/or the life of your community/communities? What issues are most important to you and are candidates talking about them?

Students are encouraged to write or make a short video or audio recording about the impact of these elections on you — as a student, a worker, and that of your family or community. The prize will be awarded for a written article of approximately 1200 words, or for a video or audio report of two to six minutes.

Please include your name and the school you are attending. Send entries to: Margarita Aguilar, 341 west 24 Street, #5D New York, NY 10011. Or email it to: And for more information and to apply contact: Margarita at

The winners will be honored at The Council’s annual convention in New York City on June 5, 2020.

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