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Hunter News Literacy Site Hits Spring Term Running

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News Literacy Matters, a Hunter College website where journalism students, faculty and others can share ideas and news in pursuit of reliable information, has started off the spring term in the last week with a burst of new content.

The site’s Q&A page, where professors teaching MEDIA 211: News Literacy in a Digital Age answer student questions about news literacy terms, topics and techniques, has new four entries. 

Journalism Program Director Sissel McCarthy, who created the site last fall, contributed Q&As on the challenges of proving libel and on distinguishing “real” journalists in the social media era. Faculty member David Alm contributed items on corporate influence on news and on Chinese censorship

Students also contributed new work now appearing on the site, including pieces by Michael Juskowicz on public confusion about news vs. opinion, by Aleksandre De Jesus on how unvetted TikTok content challenges web fact-checkers and by Carol Almonte on disinformation on TikTok.

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