Media Major/Minor

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The Department of Film and Media Studies‚ Media Studies major combines theoretical perspectives and practical production experience to provide students with a thorough understanding of the media and of their creative potential as media makers. Students must receive a grade of B or better in MEDIA 180 to declare a major in Media Studies. The major must be declared in person with an undergraduate Media Studies adviser. The student must bring his or her transcript, and, where relevant, transcripts from other colleges attended, when meeting with the undergraduate Media Studies adviser to declare a Media Studies major.

The major is composed of required and elective courses in media analysis and production for a total of 36 credits. The Department offers a General Media Studies Major or students may elect to major in an area of concentration. The concentrations are Media Analysis and Criticism, Documentary and Television Production, Journalism, Emerging Media. Just as with the the General Media Major each concentration is 36 credits, however the curriculum has been tailored to help the student develop greater specialization in the area of concentration. Please click the General Media Major or any of the four concentrations to learn about the course of study.