Internship Hosts/Employers

If you’re looking for great talent to nurture, and curious minds with whom to share your expertise, check out our information for internship hosts.


You want to know more about earning academic credit for an internship. Or you’re ready to search for that perfect internship. You’re getting ready to apply for internships, getting ready to start one, or just wrapping up. Learn more about all these topics and more, right on this very page.

Earning Academic Credit

You can earn one academic credit per 40 hours of work performed over the course of the semester. For example, a 120-hour internship would equal 3 units of academic credit. Internships are graded Credit/No Credit (neither grade impacts your GPA) and count as general electives, not toward the major.

Credits are assigned as follows: FILM or MEDIA 498.01 (40 hours); FILM or MEDIA 498.02 (80 hours); FILM or MEDIA 498.03 (120 hours); FILM or MEDIA 498.04 (160) Hours; FILM or MEDIA 498.05 (200 hours); FILM or MEDIA 498.06 (240 hours)

Tuition is paid per academic credit for an internship just like a class. Tuition and Fee Table here:

You must be be a Film or Media major. You have taken Media 180 or Film 101, plus three courses in your major. You are a student in good standing with a GPA of at least 3.0 within your major.

All transfer students must provide a copy of their transcript.

Film & Media majors are  allowed 12 internship credits total during your academic career at Hunter. These credits count as General Electives/Liberal Arts in your 120 credit degree.  CUNY BA students, Muse scholars, etc. with the permission of their advisor may take more credits in internships. If you have an internship right before graduation, it makes it much easier for the internship host to make you a job offer after graduation.


Cover Letter Templates: ( Templates for different career fields here.
LiveCareer Resume Tips: (  Tips on how to build each section of your resume and at the bottom, links to help with more job-specific resumes.

Getting Ready to Apply

The Career Development Services (CDS) office has a fantastically helpful internship guide filled with great guidance, including:

  • When to start applying (p. 2) (Spoiler alert: do it early!)
  • What internship hosts are looking for in applicants (p. 4)
  • What to consider before committing (p. 4)
  • Tips on preparing a resume and cover letter, with examples (pp. 7-11)
  • Interviewing and post-interview follow-ups (pp. 12-13)

On their website, CDS has even more information about creating a resume and cover letter.

If you want more help help with your resume or any of these steps, please reach out to Internship Program Director David Pavlosky or contact Career Development Services.

Getting Ready to Start

Already landed your internship? Congrats! Before you can register for credit, you’ll have to tell us all about your position:

Internship Information Form

After you submit the form, the Internship Advisor will process your permission to register, and once your registration window opens, you’ll log on to CUNYfirst and register for your internship class just like any other class.

The class number is Media 49801 to 49806, depending on how many credits (1 to 6) you’ll be earning. For example, if you’re registering for a 3-credit internship, you’ll sign up for Media 49803. Please note that this a course, and you will pay the same rate per credit hour as any other “regular” course.

Before you start your internship, be sure to read our guide, 10 Keys to a Successful Internship.

Finishing Up and Getting Credit

Once you’ve done the hours for your internship, your supervisor will need to fill out the Internship Evaluation Form (online) and submit it to Internship Program Director David Pavlosky.

Once that is received, your grade of “CR” will be entered, and the credits will get you that much closer to graduating.