Who We Are | Curriculum

With a world class faculty and up-to-date production facilities, Hunter College’s Department of Film & Media Studies offers two undergraduate programs of study. One program leads toward a major in Film, combining film history and theory with film production. The other leads toward a major in Media Studies, combining critical media analysis with creative practice using a mix of contemporary media forms (video, print, digital graphics and the Internet).

Students will learn to:

  • knowledgeably navigate an increasingly complex and changing media environment and culture
  • synthesize and expand on the knowledge base of the field through independent research
  • produce original work in light of historical and contemporary practices
  • apply critical concepts and theoretical frameworks to texts

In addition, Hunter College now offers a graduate program terminating in an MFA degree in Integrated Media Arts. Hunter’s MFA/IMA “Integrated Media Arts” is a unique MFA program which focuses on politically and socially engaged creative work and the social role of media and technology. Our program educates multi-disciplinary media professionals, socially aware and competent in the diverse range media skills that are being brought together in a digital media environment.