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The Film and Media Department at Hunter College strives to propell its students to the forefront of the media age, be it digital video editing, journalism, web and graphic design or desktop publishing. The department has four multimedia computer labs to facilitate our students. Currently underway is the development of a 7,000 square foot DIGITAL MEDIA LAB, which will feature a flexible black box space, several dedicated lab facilities and a conversation center, for the production, exhibition and evaluation of state-of-the-art media creations.


Interactive Media Lab (HN 432)
 Interactive Media LabEach machine is equipped with Microsoft Word, Quark Xpress, BBEdit, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Dreamweaver, Flash, and Max/MSP. Students also have access to scanners, and a HP Laser printer.The computers are routinely checked and maintenanced to ensure that students are working on the latest and most up-to-date software and hardware as to prepare them for real world work environment. This lab is used for media production courses but when not occupied, it is an open lab for students to work.
The Blackbox (HN 543)
This space is used for classes, shows, screenings, and events.
The Blackbox
The TV Studio (HN 436)
TV_Studio_1 TV_Studio_2
J-Lab (HN 503)
The J-Lab is used for most journalism and interactive design courses but when not occupied, it is an open lab for students to work.
J-Lab (HN 503)
Video Editing lab (HN 470, 503A)
Video Editing labDigital Video has become vital to a well rounded mutlimedia educational program. The Department of Film and Media encourages its students to explore their own imagination and test their skill at videomaking. These two rooms are equipped with Imacs, and loaded with Final Cut Express and Final Cut Pro.The rooms are exclusively used for video production courses or by students in said courses and are therefore not open labs.503 Media Editing Station Reservation
503A Film Editing Station Reservation
478 Editing Station Reservation
Screening Room 1 (HN 504)
Screening Room 1
Screening Room 2 (HN 507)
Screening Room 2