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During registration,courses become filled very quickly. However openings often occur and some professors allow students to enter their course despite it technically being full. The process is called overtallying*.

How to overtally a closed course:

• Do not go to the Film and Media Office

• Be present for the first meeting

• Either at the beginning or end of the class, you should inform the professor that you wish to overtally (some professors will make it clear at the start whether or not they are accepting overtallies)

• Have an overtally sheet handy. You can pick one up outside HN 433, or you can download and print one from
Click here.

• Your overtally sheet must contain your name, social security number, the four digit course code as well as the section number and the professor’s name

• If the professor agrees to admit you to their class, they must sign your overtally sheet! You cannot be admitted without their signature.

• Bring the signed and completed overtally sheet to the Film and Media Office located at HN 433. The attending office assistant will inform you of the time you may register by phone for the course you’ve successfully overtallied.

* It should be noted that overtallying is not a foolproof means of entering closed courses. Overtallying a student is strictly at the discretion of the course’s professor.