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Hunter Professor Takes a Leading Role at Freelance Solidarity Project

Reporting and Writing 1 Professor Susie Armitage has joined the Organizing Committee for the Freelance Solidarity Project (FSP), a division of the National Writers Union that advocates for freelance media workers. 

FSP focuses on raising industry standards and is currently calling for publications to revise their payment schedules in light of COVID-19, moving away from the “pay on publication” policy that is the norm at many media outlets. 

Professor Armitage hosted a  Zoom webinar on freelancing during the spring semester to teach students how to make virtual connections and pitch stories. During that session, students learned that a good pitch includes: 

  • A well thought out, working headline
  • A few sentences introducing yourself and the work you’ve done 
  • A strong lede
  • The nut graf describing the core of the story 
  • Proof that you have access to sources that can help you deliver the piece

The FSP can be a great resource for students just starting to freelance.  Experienced freelancers can also contact contact FSP for assistance for assistance regarding late payments, contractual breaches, or professional misconduct. 

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