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Students Get Field Reporting Tips

News 12 Brooklyn’s Emily Lorsch (front row, far right) gave Hunter’s news video reporting students a crash course in field reporting last Monday.

Lorsch, a graduate of Emory University and former student of Journalism Program Director Prof. Sissel McCarthy, started her journalism career four years ago as a backpack reporter for Time Warner Cable in Binghamton, N.Y.

Out in the field, she’s learned how to be a reporter, photographer, videographer, editor and producer of news video stories — all at the same time. While this can be challenging, she shared these tips and best practices for getting a story on your own in the field:

  1. Shoot a wide shot and the action right away, so you don’t miss it.
  2. Then shoot all your interviews.
  3. After they’re done, shoot anything your interviewees mentioned.
  4. Shoot more b-roll, especially close-ups.
  5. Shoot your stand-up.

For stand-ups, she told students to bump up their energy level to the point that it feels like a performance and do at least three takes.

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