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The New York Times Surfacing Residency

Residency Description

The New York Times is creating a one-year residency for journalists who write, shoot and share stories on social. We are looking for reporters who can tell image-driven stories focusing on subcultures using tools like Instagram, Snapchat, photography, video and more. They will contribute to a new series called “Surfacing” that sheds light on these communities, find depth in the offbeat niche and reveal stories that make us rethink what we already know about the world.

The reporters’ mandate is to explore the things that people from all walks of life form communities around, for example, punk rappers in Seattle, bachata performers in Vietnam, vintage Ralph Lauren collectors in Brooklyn and motocross racers in Jamaica. The goal is to explore culture that binds people together.


The ideal candidate will have at least 2 years of reporting experience, with a varied portfolio of short and long-form articles, photo essays, video shoots or multimedia projects that combine all three. This person should be a perceptive observer and wordsmith who is conversant in social media and familiar with basic video and audio editing.

At least 2 years of reporting experience (a plus if you have knowledge of a subculture or beat)
Can commit to a full year
Comfortable setting social media strategy to promote content
Familiar with telling visual first stories, using photography, video, social, and/or audio elements to drive the reporting
Established social media presence
Comfortable being included in the narrative of your coverage

How to Apply

For more information about this job and to apply please visit our official job listing page here.

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