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Atlantic Media Fellowship

We are excited to start recruiting Fellows for the year-long program that will begin in January 2018. By completing this form, you are indicating interest in the program, but have not officially applied. We will alert all candidates when the formal applications are posted in the fall of 2017.

Company Description

Atlantic Media is a nationally-recognized, award-winning, and digital-first media enterprise whose publications — The Atlantic, National Journal, Government Executive and Quartz — are among the most influential media outlets in America. Atlantic Media is growing, evolving, and causing major disruption in the world of media.


Year-long, starting in January


Applications open in fall
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Job Description

Atlantic Media offers highly ambitious recent college graduates a unique full-time opportunity to participate in the Atlantic Media Fellowship Program. The Atlantic Media Fellowship Program is a structured, year-long, paid fellowship for top-tier talent committed to careers in media. Additionally, the Atlantic Media Fellows participate in the Atlantic Media Academy, a comprehensive curriculum providing a 360-degree view of the modern media industry covering the editorial, operational, and economic sides of both magazine and digital journalism today.

Atlantic Media Fellows will be placed in areas of the Company, including but not limited to:

Copy Editing
Fact Checking
Manuscript Review
Multimedia Editing
Social Media

Communications & PR
Creative & Design


As a world-renowned enterprise that thinks and acts like a digital media startup, we place a premium on finding exceptional talent. We seek individuals with fresh perspectives who constantly push us to be at the forefront of an increasingly digital, mobile and social world.

Passionate: Having a strong interest in publishing and online media
Conscientious: Concerned with detail and possessing effective time management and organizational skills
Mature: Poised and adept at exhibiting “grace under pressure”


Our Journalism Concentration & Minor

The Hunter College journalism program is offered as a concentration or a minor within the Department of Film & Media Studies. Its curriculum is built around production courses in journalism and analytical courses in media studies. Learn more about our course requirements.

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