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Additional Resources for Film & Media Students
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Although the Film & Media server accounts continue to be available for one year following graduation, you may want to consider more permanent options to host your portfolio. Below are just a few options from paying for your domain and server account to freely available platforms that cater to specific types of portfolios. These are only suggestions, one should do their own research and make informed decisions.

For a Price
It can be good to purchase a domain separately from a host account, in case at some point you wish to switch hosts. It’s easier to switch when the domain isn’t tied to a host account.

There are many options for domain purchase, amongst the more popular is

Affordable and popular options for hosting:

Freely Available
If you know HTML, CSS, JS and want creative control of your presentation:

Social Media Platforms

2D – Graphic Design, Digital Art, Photography, Illustration…

Game Developers

3D Artists

Video and Film Makers