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IMA student Betty Yu featured in Brooklyn Museum’s “Agitprop!” exhibition

The Brooklyn Museum is hosting an exhibition called “Agitprop!” which features politically progressive artwork by various artists. IMA student Betty Yu is featured in the exhibit for her work on “A People’s Monument to Anti-Displacement Organizing,” a wall exhibit that is currently featured in the museum in order to protest gentrification. The wall exhibit is described as a “community bulletin board” that features the works many artists. Read More

IMA alum Dylan Gauthier’s demonstration at the Boston Center for the Arts

IMA alum Dylan Gauthier’s boatbuilding collective Mare Liberum will be in Boston as a part of an exhibition at Boston Center for the Arts, Mills Gallery. On Saturday, November 16th, they will be giving a demonstration of their 1860’s paper boatbuilding technique and giving a talk about the “frontiers” of gentrification and Urban wilderness corridors as an alternative to urban parks. The event will take place from 10:00AM to 1:00PM.

river landscape with information on Mills Gallery

IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye screening in DOCNYC

IMA alumna Laurie Sumiye’s short animated documentary, Of Memory & Los Sures , which she created during her collaborative residency at UnionDocs will be apart of the shorts program called Then & Now at DOCNYC on November 21st. Her short piece is an animated oral history of a traditionally Puerto Rican neighborhood in South Williamsburg that weaves fragments of childhood nostalgia and harsh realities of the past with unique glimpses into a collective memory of a place undergoing rapid changes.

photo and illustration of a movie screening at the park