Prof. Andrew Demirjian’s solo show

demirjian exhibitProf. Andrew Demirjian’s solo show pause+rewind+connect+combine+sequence+delay+repeat is on exhibit Sept.12-Nov. 30 at the New Media ArtSpace – Baruch College. Prof. Demirjian will be giving an artist talk on Tues., Nov. 6th at 6 PM.

Curatorial Statement
Our short-term memory is short. It is tough to remember whole telephone numbers let alone an entire poem. Fragments remain. Slivers stick. A slogan from a billboard is glanced, a book chapter is read, and a phonetic pattern match is made linking the two. A gossip magazine headline is seen while getting groceries while a hash-tagged tweet appears on your phone and overheard dialog interrupts your train of thought. What combines, what attaches? Which sensory experiences resonate?