IMA alumna: Alison Byrne’s film screening

“Let Me Sing: the Story of Bobby Byrne,” a 55-minute documentary to screen at the Garden State Film Festival in Asbury Park on March 27th 12-2PM.

Let Me Sing” tells the story of a NJ-based 67-year-old musician, singer, joke-teller and pied piper, offering an intimate and often humorous portrait of a man whose uncompromising dedication to his fans reveals the significance of his work as an entertainer.

Film & Media Student: Andres Otero’s “Leaving Ground Zero”

Leaving Ground Zero

Andres Otero’s documentary short Leaving Ground Zero is up for competition on PBS’s reel13. Starting Sunday March 7th, the film about a New York City photojournalist who survived 9/11, will be competing with other two films for a chance to screen on National Television.

About the documentary: After almost getting killed by the collapsing towers on 9/11, photojournalist Thomas Monaster suffered from post-traumatic stress syndrome. This video portrays how he eventually discovered a way to recovery.

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