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Fall Registration Open; Journalism Program Sets Course Schedule

UPDATE — Fall course registration is now open. Be sure to check out the wide range of electives below, including a new Media Ethics course. And remember that some elective courses, such as Neighborhood News, may be taken more than once.

Hunter College students will begin registering for fall 2020 classes on Monday, May 5, and those interested in journalism courses have nearly a dozen to choose from, including electives like news video, podcasting, data journalism and magazine writing.


Hunter College and CUNY have not yet announced whether fall classes will be conducted through remote learning. But in his latest announcement regarding CUNY’s response to the coronavirus crisis, CUNY Chancellor Félix V. Matos Rodríguez wrote on April 20 that, “Direction regarding the format of course offerings for Fall 2020 will be provided in the future depending on the COVID-19 emergency time frame, and once consultation with academic leaders and faculty has occurred and direction from NYSED and other accrediting bodies has been received.”

Here’s a look at the preliminary Journalism Program course schedule:

Journalism Courses Fall 2020

  • MEDPL 201: Reporting and Writing 1 
    • Susie Armitage: Tues 10-1pm
    • Nicole Lewis: Th: 7-9:40pm
  • MEDPL 202: Reporting and Writing 2
    • Adam Glenn: Mon/Th, 11:10am-12:25pm
    • Sabrina Artel: Tues, 1-4pm
  • MEDIA 211: News Literacy in a Digital Age
    • News Literacy Lecture: Wed, 3:30-4:45pm
    • David Alm: Mon: 9:45-11:10am
    • David Alm: Mon, 12:45-2pm
    • Sissel McCarthy: Mon, 2:45-4pm
    • Sissel McCarthy: Mon, 4:10-5:25p m
    • Coralie Carlson: Mon, 5:35-6:50pm
  • MEDPL 239: Entertainment Journalism
    • Karen Hunter: Fri 10a-1pm
  • MEDPL 283: News Video Reporting
    • Mary Snow: Wed, 6:10p-9pm
  • MEDPL 284: Radio Reporting and Podcasting
    • Sabrina Artel: Thursday, 4-7pm
  • MEDPL 294: Magazine Writing
    • David Alm: Tues, 4-7pm
  • MEDPL 296: Feature Writing
    • Gregg Morris: Tues/Fri: 9:45-11am
  • MEDPL 297: Data Journalism
    • Adam Glenn: Th, 1-4pm
  • MEDPL 377: Neighborhood News
    • Katina Paron: Wed 3:10-6pm
  • MEDIA 386: Media Ethics 
    • Carolyn Levin: Tues, 10-1pm

Here’s the schedule by day and time:

  • Monday:  9:45-11am, Alm, NL Lab; 11:10am-12:25pm, Glenn, RW2; 12:45-2pm, Alm, NL LAB;  2:45-4pm, McCarthy, NL Lab; 4:10-5:25pm, McCarthy, NL Lab; 5:35-6:50pm, Carlson, NL Lab. 
  • Tuesday: 9:45-11am, Morris, Feature; 10am-1pm, Armitage, RW1; 10am-1pm, Ethics, Levin; 1-4pm, RW2, Artel; 4-7pm, Magazine, Alm. 
  • Wednesday: 3:30-4:45pm, NL Lecture,; 3:10-6pm, Neighborhood News, Paron; 6:10-9pm, News Video, Snow.
  • Thursday: 11:10am-12:25pm, RW2, Glenn; 1-4pm, Data Journalism, Glenn; 4-7pm, Radio Reporting, Artel; 7-9:40pm, RW1, Lewis.
  • Friday: 10am-1pm, Entertainment, Hunter; 9:45-11am, Feature, Morris. 

To find out more about fall registration, view this information sheet (PDF) and visit the main registration page, which includes a searchable class schedule, course selection tools, academic calendars, frequently asked questions and more.

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