iArt Show Spring 2011


When: Monday May 23rd, 2011
Time: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Where: The Blackbox Gallery (Room 543), Hunter North Building (69th Street Entrance)


This event is FREE.

What is interactive art? You can find out at Hunter College’s undergraduate i-art show this spring. The show is an exhibition of various interactive art installations meant to showcase the interconnectivity of media platforms like sound and video. Students combine and implement various technologies such as motion and light sensors, servo-motors and hacked video game controllers to provide a unique, user driven experience to engage the senses.

The i-art show is a product of an undergraduate Interactive Media Production course offered at Hunter College. In this class the students focus on key programming concepts, explore the environment of a visual programming language and discuss the state of current interactive media. Students also manage their own projects from imagination to reality. Through hands on experience this knowledge is implemented to create the interactive art at the show.

You can be the controller in a game of Pacman or create a moving painting with a repurposed Wiimote. Or you can chat with a hacked Tickle-Me-Elmo or face yourself in an interactive mirror. You can even create light and sound on a hacked Dance Dance Revolution game pad or communicate with your friends through an interactive wall. The possibilities are endless when you combine imagination and innovation with technology.

Join us, experience the future and above all have fun. For more information about the show or to learn more about our artists and innovators please visit http://i-art.us/ for more information.