Art, Activism and Algorithms panel discussion

drill spinningArt, Activism and Algorithms: Aesthetic Interventions in Machine Bias

Event has been postponed due to weather.
Free and open to the public

The Art, Activism and Algorithms: Aesthetic Interventions in Machine Bias panel discussion on Wednesday, March 7th will feature leading figures in data journalism and art, technology and activism. The dangers of algorithmic bias are becoming an increasing concern with opaque and proprietary computer programs controlling an ever expanding range of human life including judicial processes, newsfeeds, financial loans, dating websites and the policing of neighborhoods. Read More

Congrats to Prof. Ricardo Miranda

Ricardo Miranda Realidad projectProf. Ricardo Miranda has been awarded an Ammerman Center Independent Scholarship/Fellowship. He is participating in the exhibition Future Perfect that is part of the The Sixteenth Biennial Symposium on Arts and Technology at Connecticut College. His work – “REALIDAD_VE” is an account of the current Venezuelan instability by retired musician and former director of the Venezuelan National Symophony.

An evening of spatial sound works

Speaker on hookSpace as Material: An Evening of Spatial Sound Works

Tuesday, Feb. 20th, 2018
7 PM Black Box (HN543)
8 PM TV Studio (HN436)

Two leading figures in the field of spatial sound come to Hunter College to create immersive, large-scale works. Sound is used to heighten listeners’ spatial awareness and encourage a focused listening practice from within an encompassing field. Both composers take a different approach to surround sound studio composition than the more typical one that attempts to represent “virtual” space and aims for transferability into a variety of settings, including the concert hall. Instead, Neumann’s and Schumacher’s pieces represent, not sound in space, but rather space in sound.

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