Author: Fabio Silva

IMA alum Nathan Fitch’s film is nominated at Guam International Film Festival

IMA alum Nathan Fitch’s film Island Soldier is nominated for the Grand Jury Award at the Guam International Film Festival.

Island Soldier follows the personal stories of Micronesian soldiers serving in the U.S. military, accompanying them from the most remote islands in the Pacific to the front lines of war in Afghanistan. The film humanizes the repercussions of America’s foreign wars, and the changing of a small island nation caught in tide of international politics and on the brink of economic collapse.

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IMA alumna Jing Wang interviewed on SinoVision

Jing_interview_Sino_VisionIMA alumna Jing Wang was interviewed about her recent projects on New York Lounge show on the Chinese-American network SinoVision.

Jing’s talked about her thesis film My name is Jing. The film explores personal memories to contextualize the impact of the rapid social and economical changes on the Chinese community over the past five decades. She also spoke about her contributions to the exhibition “Age of Empires: Chinese Art of the Qin and Hun Dynasties” held at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.