Month: March 2021

Journalism student Kalli Sringas awarded Pulitzer Reporting Fellowship

Kalli Sringas

The Pulitzer Center has selected Hunter College senior Kalli Sringas for its 2021 Student Reporting Fellowship.

Sringas plans to use the $3,000 grant to travel to Greece to report on an ancient seagrass that may be able to solve modern day environmental problems. 

The underwater grass, called Posidonia Oceanica, can live for more than 100,000 years and is one of the oldest living organisms on Earth. Recent studies show that it can filter polluting chemicals, oxygenate the sea water and even remove plastics materials floating in the ocean. Sringas will be interviewing scientists who are working on replanting and replenishing Posidonia in the Mediterranean Sea, where it is rapidly disappearing due to higher water temperatures and pollution. 

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Third Cinema: film screening & talk about Haiti

Ouvertures event poster

An invitation to learn about Haiti’s decolonial history and fighting spirit
Feature Film: Ouvertures
by The Living and The Dead Ensemble

Film Streaming: March 27th-April 3rd
Q&A: April 3rd | 2PM | Online

In 1961, Antillean writer Édouard Glissant dedicated his play “Monsieur Toussaint” to the Haitian Revolutionary leader Toussaint Louverture, which in turn serves as the basis for Ouvertures. Louis Henderson, Olivier Marboeuf and the theatre group The Living and The Dead Ensemble film themselves translating and interpreting the play in Kreyol, and rehearsing it in Port-au-Prince. The result is an experiment in three parts: a study retracing Louverture’s steps, an analysis of shared authorship and collective filmmaking and finally the outburst of a magical reality in which the spirits of the dead are alive.

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Documentary Sequence/Majors Meeting

Weds. Mar. 24th | 2:00-3:30PM
Zoom Link:

Great opportunity to learn about the documentary course offerings and why a documentary major is important.  Meet the faculty. See short films produced by our students. Have your questions answered.

1- Welcome – Prof. Tami Gold
2- What is the Documentary Sequence – Prof. Marty Lucas
3- Profs. Marty Lucas, Michael Gitlin, Shanti Thakur, Tami Gold, Kelly Anderson briefly explain classes.
4- Screening of student work from doc classes
5- Q&A