Month: December 2016

IMA alumna Laura Chipley’s work at NY Hall of Science

Art Installation on Climate ChangeIMA alumna Laura Chipley’s collaborative work “Monster in the Closet” is part of ACCESS: ARTIST AND SCIENTIST COLLABORATIONS at the NY Hall of Science. The website also has a video featuring Laura talking about the project.

The project was commissioned by NYSCI as part of the ACCESS project, an initiative that pairs artists with scientists in an effort to make climate research more accessible to museum goers. Laura Chipley worked with Dr. Hannah Zanowski, an oceanographer from Princeton who studies the relationship between the Southern Ocean and climate change.

As part of the project, filmmaker Flora Lichtman documented our artist / scientist collaboration and recorded a series of our conversations about climate change, audience engagement and art.

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Prof. Andrew Demirjian’s work in Helsinki

Picture of Andrew Demirjian's gallery Prof. Andrew Demirjian presented his work – part of VIDEOKAFFE at Galerie Anhava in Helsinki – Nov. 24th-Dec.18th.

Smash the State with Line and Shape, 2016
(Andrew Demirjian – in collaboration with Sha Sha Feng)
Code, web, toothpicks, Arduino, magazine clippings, web cameras and servo motors

This piece is a networked conversation between two devices, one at Galerie Anhava and the other at Hunter College NYC, in the physical computing lab. They are brought together through live streaming online. The work is a sketch for a larger networked conversation. The work will grow at Galerie Anhava to include additional devices in the circuit.
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