Month: November 2010

Students in Magazine Writing class launched “The Bridge”

The students of the Fall 2010 Magazine Writing class in the Film & Media department have launched a new magazine devoted to the cultural and artistic aspects of Hunter College.

The students came up with the name, “The Bridge: connecting Hunter to culture and the arts.” See: Students also determined the magazine’s logo and the look and feel of its site.

Here is how The Bridge’s current public relations officer, Lenis Lozano, a member of the class, describes it:

“The Bridge magazine is a Hunter College online publication devoted to exploring the rich diversity of cultures and arts on campus — as well as in New York City.

“Founded by students enrolled in the Fall 2010 Magazine Writing class in the Film & Media Department, The Bridge offers cultural features focusing on the passions, virtuosities, and lifestyles of Hunter students. It also provides opinion and commentary on the New York cultural scene with discussions of fashion, music, TV and film, as well as other arts important to Hunter students.

“Our team of editors, writers, critics, fashionistas, and bloggers, are what make this magazine inimitable.”

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End of Semester Film Festival

Hunter Student Film and Media Guild will be holding an End of Semester Film Festival and are now taking submissions until December 10th.
The event will be held on December 17th (Fri) at 7pm in the Lang Recital Hall.

The categories of possible submissions are as follows:
Film Production I (FILMP 251), Film Production II (FILMP 352), Cinematography (FILMP381), Portable Video Production (MEDP 281), Documentary Production (MEDP 311), Animation (MEDP 299.25 & MEDP 399.14), and wel also take Works-in-Progress and films shot outside of class as long as they are under 15 minutes.
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