Students in Magazine Writing class launched “The Bridge”

The students of the Fall 2010 Magazine Writing class in the Film & Media department have launched a new magazine devoted to the cultural and artistic aspects of Hunter College.

The students came up with the name, “The Bridge: connecting Hunter to culture and the arts.” See: Students also determined the magazine’s logo and the look and feel of its site.

Here is how The Bridge’s current public relations officer, Lenis Lozano, a member of the class, describes it:

“The Bridge magazine is a Hunter College online publication devoted to exploring the rich diversity of cultures and arts on campus — as well as in New York City.

“Founded by students enrolled in the Fall 2010 Magazine Writing class in the Film & Media Department, The Bridge offers cultural features focusing on the passions, virtuosities, and lifestyles of Hunter students. It also provides opinion and commentary on the New York cultural scene with discussions of fashion, music, TV and film, as well as other arts important to Hunter students.

“Our team of editors, writers, critics, fashionistas, and bloggers, are what make this magazine inimitable.”

In their first online issue, the students developed a cultural series that explores ‘Faith at Hunter.’ One of these stories, “A love that dare not speak her name,” by Monica Carr, explores how one gay Hunter student, an Orthodox Jew, struggles to reconcile faith, family, and sexuality. See:

Another story, “Wearing hijab at Hunter,” by Julie Yap, describes how one Muslim student decided to wear hijab in public, and how this changed her life. Nora Gilmartin and Colleen Siuzdak explore how “Hunter evangelicals mix pop and worship.”

Here is a sampling of other student stories in the current issue:

“Existential Kool-Aid Man kills at Hunter College Comedy Club,” a feature story coving the first ever student comedy club at Hunter, by Wen Wang.

BOOBTUBE CHATTER, a series of weekly discussions about the AMC TV show, “The Walking Dead.” Here, three student critics bring up issues and comments, likes and dislikes, and any other Zombie whatnots.

In addition, in The Bridge’s THE CRITICS section, students critically analyze various music recordings, movies, and plays.

And there is much more to come before the semester ends, so check back in with The Bridge regularly!