Year: 2010

Congrats to the winners of the film festival!

Top 12 Selected:

“Sunken Fires” – Brian Deodat

“Glasses” – Daniel Taveras
“Passion Rouge” – Daniel Taveras

Portable Video Production:
“Romer” – Jing Wang & Brian Kozlowski
“The Student Film” – Tal Amran, Matt Josephson, Seulgi “Silvy” Hong, & Jesse McBride

Production I:
“Penumbra” – Chris Pejovich
“Colors from the Island” – Manato Ichikawa
“Obscure” – Htat Lin Htut
“Lucky Musha” – Martin Baquiran
“Venus in Retrograde” – Tziporah Edery

IMA (Graduate):
“Nelson” – Iva Radivojevic

“Unsweetened Iced Tea” – M.R. Lamarra

Audience Choice Winner (Selected to Advance to the Spring Film Festival):
“Venus in Retrograde” – Tziporah Edery

Fall 2010 iArt Show

WHERE: The Blackbox Gallery (Room 543), Hunter College North Bldg

Come and Experience Time, Space and History Through Interactive Media

Graduate students at Hunter College will exhibit their interactive art installations in this Fall’s i-Art show, which is sure to engage your senses in the exploration of time, history and social issues. The i-Art show is a public exhibition of interactive installations exploring various technologies and equipment to detect different elements such as video, sound, and text to create real-time interactivity. Debuting on December 19th, visitors of the exhibit will experience a variety of projects that will stretch the imagination. Immerse yourself in a virtual tour of Little Syria in the Lower Manhattan during the 1920’s, or an interactive documentation of the history of calypso music, or enter an intimate space through a typewriter. These are just a few of the innovative and unique installations that are featured in this Fall’s show.
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