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Can I use Media 180 to fulfill a GER (General Education Requirement)?
Yes . Media 180 may be used to fulfill a distribution requirement in Humanities and Arts.

Do I have to take production courses (MEDP) to fulfill my major?
No. If you choose, you can take up to four (4) 200-level courses toward the 24 credits of the major.

If I don’t take any production courses to fulfill my major, how many analytical courses must I take?
Eight (8).

Can I use courses from the Film Department to fulfill my Media major?
Yes. A total of two (2) 200-l or 300-level FILM courses ( 1 production, and 1 analytical, or 2 analytical courses) may be counted toward the Media Studies major. Student must meet any prerequisites for these courses.

Can I take a double major in Film and Media?

Can I use 400-level courses toward the major?
No. All 400-level courses—401 (Independent Study), 402 (Honors Project), 498 (Internship)—are electives. These credits count toward the total of the bachelor’s degree, but not toward the major.

Do internships count toward the major?
No. They count as elective credits. You may count up to 12 elective internship credits toward the degree.


What is the requirement for the minor under Media Studies?
You must take 12 credits in a single department or program. No specific courses are required, but there is a requirement of course levels. At least one 3-credit course must be taken at the 300-level and at least one at the 200 or 300 level. Two 3-credit courses may be at any level (100, 200, 300). In Psychology, Music and Chemistry only majors can take 300-level courses. These minors should take a second 200-level course.

Can I minor in FILM?

After I declare my major in Media Studies, must the department I am minoring in sign my major/minor form?
No. The major department administers the minor.

Do I have to minor?
Yes, unless you have a double major.

Can minor courses count toward the GER requirement?

Can major courses count toward the Pluralism& Diversity requirements?

If I have a double major in Media and another department, do I need a minor?


Who are the full-time members of the faculty of the Media Program?
There is a list of full-time faculty and adjunct faculty with in the media department. Their names, office numbers, office hours, and phone numbers are posted in the Department Office and on our faculty/staff page.

Do I have to fulfill the college language requirement for a Media Studies major?
Yes. You must fulfill all the college-wide GER requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree.

How can I find out more about the graduate program (Integrated Media Arts/MFA) at Hunter College?
Go to:

How can I find out more about internships?
To visit the website go to:
If you have questions e-mail:

What do I do when I am ready to file for graduation?
Get “a certificate in support of a” from Graduation Audit –HN 217 located in the OASIS, and a transcript showing all college courses you are counting toward the degree. Fill out the certification form. See Kelly Anderson (HN 508) during her office hours. You should do this in the first three weeks of the term in which you plan to graduate. Also go to Student Services (HE 1103 for a distribution requirement check.

I declared my major in Media Studies at my previous college. Do I have to declare it again at Hunter?
Yes, you do. Majors do not transfer automatically.

Can I get “life experience” credit for media-related work I have done?
No. The Media Studies program does not give life/work experience credits.

How do I find out who my advisor is in the Media Studies Department?
See Tami Gold in Room HN 402-B (Hunter North Building). Phone: 212-772-4953.

If I get an “NC” or “F” grade in one of my major courses, do I have to repeat it?
Only if the course is required (like Media 180). If it is another major course, you don’t have to repeat it unless you wish to apply it toward the major, or to have the F/NC removed from your transcript. You may take another course in its place.

How do withdraw from a class?
From the 3rd week to the 10th week of classes, you must fill out a withdrawl form and submit it to the Registrar’s Office. After the 10th week ( see deadline in the Academic calendar, you must see a counselor in Student Services—HE 1103 for an Official Withdrawal. If you do not do either of these things, you will receive a WU grade, which counts as an F on your transcript and affects your GPA.

I received an IN ( incomplete) in one of my classes. How long do I have to resolve it?
You have until the 10th week of the following term to complete the work. See the Academic calendar for the deadline. If you do not complete the work by the deadline, the IN grade will automatically change to an FIN—Failed Incomplete. Your professor can extend the time allowed to complete the work, if he or she wishes (you should not assume they will do so) but the FIN grade stays on your record until the professor submits a change of grade form to the Registrar’s Office.

I failed a class. Do I have to repeat it?
No, but if you do you can remove the “F” from your GPA (not your transcript).

I have a “WU” grade on my transcript. What does it mean?
It means you failed a course because you did not attend, and did not officially withdraw.

Can courses graded with “CR/NC” be counted toward the major/minor?
You can use one course toward the major, and/or one toward the minor. But not if you are using a CR/grade.

Can I use a “D” grade toward the major/minor?
Yes. You can use one toward the major, and/or one toward the minor.

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