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Combined Overflow Exhibit’s Opening Reception

IMA alumnae Sarah Nelson Wright and Laura Chipely will be opening their new group exhibit, Combined Overflow which is an exhibition of creative responses to the Newtown Creek and the Gowanus Canal, two New York City waterways with similar histories of industry, pollution and neglect.

Combined Overflow will be exhibited from April 26th to May 24th at Proteus Gowanus, located at 543 Union Street (Nevins Subway Station) in Brooklyn, New York.

Combined Overflow Pictures

IMA alumni Laura and Sarah’s project

IMA alumni Laura Chipley and Sarah Nelson Wright’s “The Newtown Creek Armada” on Kickstarter. The project is part of the North Brooklyn Public Arts Coalition (nbART), and is working with many community groups in Brooklyn, including the North Brooklyn Boat Club, the Newtown Creek Alliance, FEAST Brooklyn, IOBY and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

More info: www.newtowncreekarmada.org