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IMA alumnae Sarah Wright and Laura Chipley’s Remote Voyages opening

From November 7th to the 23rd, The Newtown Creek Armada will present Remote Voyages, a gallery installation at the 111 Front Street Galleries in Dumbo, Brooklyn. The gallery will feature a video and sculpture installation by the project’s creators, IMA alumnae Sarah Wright, Laura Chipley and collaborator Nathan Kensinger.
Remote Voyages will transport viewers to a toxic landscape where industry, sewage and pollution collide with nature, as a fleet of remotely operated miniature boats project their explorations of the Newtown Creek, the site of the largest urban oil spill in the United States.

event information for Remote Voyage

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IMA alumni Laura and Sarah’s project

IMA alumni Laura Chipley and Sarah Nelson Wright’s “The Newtown Creek Armada” on Kickstarter. The project is part of the North Brooklyn Public Arts Coalition (nbART), and is working with many community groups in Brooklyn, including the North Brooklyn Boat Club, the Newtown Creek Alliance, FEAST Brooklyn, IOBY and the Brooklyn Arts Council.

More info: www.newtowncreekarmada.org