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Prof. Karen Hunter interviews Margo Jefferson

cover of Karen Hunter's Negroland: a Memoir Professor Karen Hunter speaks with Pulitzer-Prize winning critic Margo Jefferson about her memoir on growing up in an upper middle class black family in Chicago, a place she calls “Negroland.” Jefferson delves into pressures on the black elite in the 1950s to look, speak, and act in a way that would be acceptable to whites.

Listen to the podcast here.

Prof. Karen Hunter’s New Book

Prof. Karen Hunter’s new book “STOP BEING NIGGARDLY” (Gallery Books; April 2010) is now available.

Karen Hunter was awarded a Pulitzer Prize in 1999 as a member of the New York Daily News editorials to save the world-famous Apollo Theatre. She was the first black female news columnist for the paper and had an op-ed column for three years before leaving to pursue radio and writing. She has been a contributor on CNN, Fox News and MSNBC and in 2007, was named a Distinguished Lecturer in the Film & Media Department of Hunter

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