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Street Views screening in Rooftop Films

IMA student Annie Berman’s experimental film, Street Views, will be part of Rooftop Films, a summer film festival that features many short films in stunning outdoor venues. Street Views is a film created entirely within Google, that is a somnambulist tour defying natural laws of perspective, time and continuity.

Rooftop Films Underground Movies Outdoors
Street Views Screencap

Netherlands Media Students to Take 14-Day Program at Hunter

Netherlands Media Students to Take 14-Day Program at Hunter
Seventeen students from a top-ranked university in the Netherlands will hone their skills in media arts during a 14-day program at Hunter College, sponsored by the Department of Film and Media Studies. The students will be led by John Driedonks, and Hunter graduate Brian Maston, who earned a Hunter BA in Film (2003) and now teaches as a senior lecturer in Film and Media Studies at the Hogeschool Utrecht—the Utrecht University of Applied Sciences. This marks the third year for the program.
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IMA Student Daniel Phelps screens 3D Short “The Alley”

“The Alley” (Independent 3D Short)

Saturday, May 1, 2010 at 7:00PM
Location: The Crosby Screening Room
(79 Crosby St.inside The Crosby Hotel)

This 3D short was recently showcased at the Museum of Natural History’s annual NYSS event. It was chosen by the New York Stereoscopic Society as part of their first stereoscopic projection. BEFILM is proud to present the festivals only “live action” 3D short. Shot exclusively on a proprietary camera designs built by Daniel Phelps, “The Alley” presents a slice of fun and excitement in Dolby Digital Cinema Projection. “The Alley” (2min), 3D, Dir. Daniel Phelps (USA)