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Sarah Friedland (IMA grad student) has been named one of ten filmmakers to watch in 2009 by the Independent magazine.

Sarah Friedland got her filmmaking education from a combination of academic study and on-the-set training, working as an editor on films like the award-winning Free to Fly US/Cuba Link and the Emmy-nominated film The Life and Times of Frida Kahlo. Friedland dipped her toe into the directing pool with her experimental film Breath on the Mirror in 2005, which she made under residency at the Musée de Pont-Aven in Pont-Aven, France. Within the next two years, she was awarded three grants from the Paul Newman Foundation, the William Prusoff Foundation and the Jerome Foundation for her documentary Thing With No Name, which follows two HIV positive women in South Africa who sought access to treatment with an antiretroviral drug therapy. The film was selected to screen at several prominent festivals including Woodstock, Los Angeles and the London Independent. Friedland is in the midst of working on her second documentary set for completion in 2009 titled Subprimed, which provides a glimpse into the national foreclosure crisis by exploring a foreclosure epidemic in East New York and the consequences it has on the individual victims and the community as a whole.

Learn more about Subprimed and Sarah Friedland at http://sarahfriedland.com/

-Nikki Chase
Link to Article http://www.independent-magazine.org/magazine/2009/01/tentowatch

Tracy Neiman is one of three winners of the 1st Murray Kempton Awards for Journalism

Tracy Neiman is one of three winners of the 1st Murray Kempton Awards for Journalism. Her story for the Envoy, “Why Ly Ky Tran is Relaying for Life,” was honored as the year’s best feature story.

Four Hunter student films were selected for the NEXT GEN NYC showcase at the Independent Filmmakers Market in New York this September. This is a highly competitive showcase, where students’ films from across CUNY were selected.

Film industry and filmmakers from across the country are given the opportunity to network at this market. The Hunter filmmakers represented both graduate and undergraduate students, as well as documentary and narrative.

The work showcased:

Dir. Kalim Armstrong
Documentary, 12mins

Dir. Jenny Byrne
Narrative, 8mins

Dir. Laura Melillo
Narrative, 19mins

Dir. Micah Bochart
Documentary, 10mins

Why Ly Ky Tran is Relaying for Life Article