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Prof. Marty Lucas’ screening

What goes around, comes around. In the 1970s, in a previous period of economic crisis, the big New York banks took direct control of city government through a tool called the Emergency Financial Control Board. Tighten Your Belt, Bite the Bullet, Marty Lucas’ 1980 documentary details the fiscal crisis and cutbacks in services of New York and Cleveland that presaged the Reagan/Thatcher Era. The film is playing at Anthology Film Archives on Thursday June 14th at 8:45PM and Saturday, June 16, 6:30PM.  Jonathan Miller, Marty and his co-director will be introducing and doing a Q&A at the Saturday screening.

IMA alumna Alice Arnold’s Electric Signs

ELECTRIC SIGNS is a feature documentary that started several years ago in Hong Kong on a Fulbright Fellowship (Filmmaking), and has since expanded to include many more cities, such as Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Tokyo and Prague. In all of these cities new screen based sign systems are putting TV-style advertising into the public domain. These electronic signs are re-shaping urban environments and re-defining areas of public space by intensifying the commercialization of the public sphere. In addition to the explosion of screens in public spaces, screens are ubiquitous in workspaces and in our daily life activities. These seamless, illuminated electronic surfaces are becoming the devices through which we frame our experiences. ELECTRIC SIGNS explores this new screen culture as it unfolds in the global city.