Professor Mick Hurbis-Cherrier’s co-authored book, DIRECTING: FILM TECHNIQUES AND AESTHETICS, 5ed. reviewed by the DGA

Professor Mick Hurbis-Cherrier’s co-authored book, Directing: Film Techniques and Aesthetics, 5ed. (with Michael Rabiger) which published in March 2013 received a very favorable reviewed by the Directors Guild of America in their DGA Quarterly publication (spring 2013).

You can read the review at this link:

Filled with practical advice on every stage of production, Directing covers the methods, technologies, thought processes, and judgments that a director must use throughout the fascinating process of making a film. The core of the book is the human, psychological, and technical knowledge that every director needs, the enduring elements of the craft that remain vital. Hunter Professor Gustavo Mercado was the illustrator for this edition.

The companion website includes teaching notes, dozens of practical hands-on projects and film study activities to help students master technical and conceptual skills, film analysis questionnaires, and all the essential production forms and logs.

This terrific new edition, updating the classic, is one of the most complete manuals for directing you’ll find. It gives both a broad overview and a detailed investigation of the craft; an explanation of the technology as well as an exploration of cinematic language and aesthetics. So take this guide, add your own passion for filmmaking, and you’ll have a solid foundation for any movie you make.

– Nancy Savoca, Director, Dogfight, Household Saints, 24 Hour Woman, and Union Square