Prof. Kelly Anderson receives George C. Stoney Award for Outstanding Documentary

Prof. Kelly Anderson is the recipient of the George C. Stoney Award for Outstanding Documentary, which is granted by the University Film and Video Association (UFVA) each year.  Check out her webinar:

Can distribution be more than “marketing” or a list of tasks filmmakers would rather not have to deal with? Is making money incompatible with making social change? In this talk, Prof. Anderson will draw on her successful DIY distribution campaigns for two very different films: My Brooklyn, a feature length documentary about a broadly-recognized political issue (gentrification), and UNSTUCK: an OCD kids movie, a short documentary with a much more targeted audience and distribution goals.  Through these case studies, and lessons learned as a member and Co-Chair of New Day Films, she will share how she filled financial craters left after her films’ production with money earned in distribution, without engaging expensive engagement consultants or publicists. Prof. Anderson will give an overview of the rapidly changing distribution landscape, touching on theatrical, semi-theatrical, community engagement and the educational marketplace which is still the bread and butter of many documentary filmmakers. This lecture will present ideas and inspiration for increasing your sustainability as a filmmaker while maximizing the impact your film has in the world.