IMA Student Dylan Gauthier’s Interactive Performance

Come listen to the transformational psychedelia and brainwave biofeedback interactive performance by Dylan Gauthier at The Gowanus Studio Space.

Transcendental Headphones/Hypnosis:
A techno-sociological inquiry into waveform phase difference, binaural sound processing, electromagnetic field disturbances, brainwave self-synchronization, meditative, trance, altered, hypnogogic, hypnotic, and twilight-learning head states. A team of experimental guest hypnotists and hypno-experimentalists will lead us through theta corridor spirals toward the social function of non-self. BRING HEADPHONES. Sessions will begin at 7 pm and run until 10 pm. A follow-up Trance Walk hosted by Jenni Knight will guide participants to nearby Triple Canopy for discussion and live interaction with people.

The Gowanus Studio Space
166 7th Street
between 2nd and 3rd Avenues
F or R to 4th Avenue/9th Street
F or G to Smith/9th Streets

Documentary and TV Production at Hunter

Hunter College Dept of Film & Media Studies
Presents: Documentary and TV Production at Hunter

Get to know the classes and the professors

Wednesday, October 27, 2010
Deans Hours
Refreshments served
Room 436 North
Open to all Hunter College students

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