Journalism alumna Khristina Williams launches Girls Talk Sports TV

2018 Journalism alumna Khristina Williams launches a new platform: Girls Talk Sports TV  
Girls Talk Sports TV is more than your typical spoers show. It’s sports news told with a unique twist, and from a fresh new perspective. From your former college athlete, to your everyday sports enthusiast, women and young girls everywhere now have a platform to share their unfiltered views on sports news-of-the-day.

Founded by Hunter College journalism alumna Khristina Williams, in July 2018, Girls Talk Sports TV is just getting started.

Williams passion for sports and journalism inspired her to create this platform.

It has already been mentioned in some of today’s biggest sports publications like: Sports Illustrated, Yahoo Sports, Barstool Sports, MSN, Deadspin, and USA Today, to name a few.

From amatuer sports to the pros, you’re sure to get your daily sports fix on Girls Talk Sports TV.