Jeepney Movie at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival

IMA alumnae Sarah Friedland and Esy Casey screened their film Jeepney at the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival on Monday the 5th of May. A second screening will be held Friday, May 9th at the Tateuchi Democracy Forum.

JEEPNEY trailer: from Perinspire on Vimeo.

Jeepney is a film featuring the cultural significance of the Philippine jeepney and its current modern day struggles as it faces multiple problems of overpricing of fuel to multitudes of regulations and taxations. The Jeepney is teetering on the brink of extinction as repressive conditions make it difficult to earn a living wage for jeepney owners. Known for its distinctive artwork and customizations, the jeepney as an artform also represents a form of expression that is akin to any indigenous artform in the Philippines. Just like other indigenous art, practitioners are dwindling.