IMA alumna Heidi Boisvert’s work at Soak Festival

IMA alumna Heidi Boisvert will be showing a very early (and short) version of a new work at Soak Festival on June 7th at 8 pm in Brooklyn.

Walking Wounded is a multi-media performance that gives voice to unspeakable experiences of trauma through generative sound and live drawing stemming from dancers’ internal milieu and unique gesture vocabulary. It offers a safe space for healing through kinesthetic engagement and the restoration of interpersonal connection established through touch. Erasing awareness and cultivating denial are often essential to survival. Through music and imagery generated from the inaudible sounds of the dancers’ nervous system, the piece re-composes narrative fragments, re-animating the life force that lies within often blocked or shattered bodies due to painful life experiences. Sonic vibration amplified through sub-woofers and set to Solfeggio frequencies serves to realign damaged attunement systems.

It uses the XTH Sense, the biocreative instruments she developed for past several years, and maps the sensor data for various parameters in Max/MSP (for live sound) and OpenFrameworks (for live drawing).

You can learn more & get tickets here: