IMA alumna Heidi Boisvert receives New Inc Award

Heidi Boisvert image

Heidi Boisvert joins this year’s New Inc member cohort in the Creative Science cohort. She co-founded XTH, an open-source biowearable startup, and after creating “ICED: I Can End Deportation,” the first 3D social change game, and “America 2049,” an alternate reality game about pluralism, Heidi founded futurePerfect lab to develop imaginative, playful emerging media projects with social justice organizations. The lab harnesses the power of pop culture, emerging technology, and neuroscience to ignite culture change by working in creative partnership with non-profits to engineer their messages for mass appeal.

Heidi is a Senior Research Fellow at the Norman Lear Center and an research affiliate in the Open Documentary Lab at MIT. At present, she is developing the first media genome: an open-source biometric lab and AI system to isolate the narrative ingredients that move us to act.