IMA alum Nathan Fitch’s film on America ReFramed

IMA alum Nathan Fitch’s (Director, Cinematographer & Producer) film Island Soldier Movie showing on TV Nov. 13th on America ReFramed WORLD Channel at 8pm EST. The film’s team includes IMA alum Fivel Rothberg who is producer.

ISLAND SOLDIER follows members of the Nena family from one of the most remote islands in the world to the training grounds of Texas and the battlefields in Afghanistan. The death of Sapuro “Sapp” Nena in Afghanistan makes waves through his tiny home island of Kosrae – where nearly everyone is connected to the U.S. Military directly or through family members. In an attempt to heal from his own deep wounds, Sapuro’s best friend in the Army, Mario Robles, heads to Kosrae with his family to meet Sapp’s parents for the first time and pay his respects on Veteran’s Day. It is an emotional gathering of two families, from opposite sides of the world, brought together by loss, love and honor.