iARTmix: art + sound + tech

iARTmix_poster_finalDrop by and experience student work in electronic music, interactive art and installations!

Weds, May 4th
TV Studio (HN436)

The event is organized by Professors:
Sha Sha Feng · Andrew Demirjian · Levy Lorenzo

A collaboration with: Music · Film & Media · Integrated Media Arts · Arts Across the Curriculum

Installation and Generative work featuring students:
Caitlin Carvalho, Kat Celona, Frank Cervantes, Joshua Eisenberg, Felipe Hernandez, Shaun Persaud, Jessie Reyes, Sylvia Scahill, Rina Schiller, Alessandra Vertrees

Music performances featuring students:
Elizabeth Amato (voice), Socrates Silver (tenor sax), Ruby Medina (flute), Serena Hernandez (voice)

Special thanks to techtern Felipe Hernandez for graphic design.