Congrats to Film & Media Alumni Andres Otero & Elvis Maynard!

Elvis Maynard (Film & Media alum), Andres Otero (Film & Media alum) and Leydy Otero won first prize in the Social Entrepreneurship track for the Baruch College Entrepreneurship Competition, an annual two-semester-long team event that provides an opportunity for New York City college students to develop their business plans and compete for funding to start their own business.

The competition began with 81 submissions, 27 in the Social Entrepreneurship, whose main mission is providing social benefit and 54 Traditional Entrepreneurship, whose focus is on profit making.

Their idea was for a business called Speech Multimedia, a company to promote and deliver educational programs to help Spanish-speaking children improve their speech. The idea for this product began while Andres was a student at Hunter and Andres (with the help of Hunter students) had the opportunity to produce a pilot during the seminar class.