Author: Felipe Hernandez

IMA alumni Sarah Nelson Wright, Dylan Gauthier, and Laura Chipley’s exhibit

Chance Ecologies title graphic with an photo of a woman in a nature preserveIMA alumni Sarah Nelson Wright, Dylan Gauthier, and Laura Chipley’s project exhibition, Chance Ecologies, is on view at Radiator Arts through Jan. 21s.

For the past seven months, Chance Ecologies has brought together a group of artists to explore the wilderness of Hunter’s Point South, Long Island City, Queens. The post industrial site stood in disuse for 35 years, allowing for a complex, contemporary ecology to develop. Over the course of the summer, Chance Ecologies organized a series of art events, workshops and happenings that invited the public to experience the site prior to being completely leveled in October 2015, as part of the Hunters Point South housing development project.

Congrats to our students Joy, Asmaa, Kristian and Prof. Bradley at the top of The mPathy Project App Challenge

Group shot of Kristian Walsh, James Bradley, Joy Chiang Liu, and Carol Smolenski for the mPathy Project eventThe mPathy Project, a WebServes’ initiative, announced the winners of its first app challenge at a Challenge Showcase on Nov. 30th at Google-NYC.

All the three finalists are Emerging Media and Computer Science students at Hunter College. Joy Chiang Ling’s prototype will be sponsored for full development and deployment by end-users in the target sectors. The other finalists included Asmaa Abbas (2nd) and Kristian Walsh (3rd).

The Challenge, hosted by ECPAT-USA, prompted participants to design a prototype for a web/mobile app that would be used by the hospitality/tourism/transportation industries to combat the commercial sexual exploitation of children (CSEC). ECPAT-USA is a leading anti-trafficking policy organization in the United States working to protect every child’s basic human right to grow up free from the threat of sexual exploitation and trafficking.

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IMA alumna Annie Berman’s film in The Journal of Short Film

IMA alumna Annie Berman’s film, Street Views, will be included in the latest volume of The Journal of Short Film.

Street Views, a virtual film by Annie Berman and set in New York City’s famed West Village, but ‘shot’ within Google’s mapping application, explores how virtual mapping alters our experience of space and identity. With humor and a light touch, Berman attempts to navigate a surreal, disoriented new landscape.