Month: April 2023

Prof. Tami Gold’s documentary receives grant from NYC Women’s Fund

Prof. Tami Gold’s documentary It’s Just a Job
received a grant from the New York Foundation for the Arts – NYC Women’s Fund.

It’s Just a Job tells the story of the movement to decriminalize sex work through an assemble of people who work in the sex trades. Interviews and dramatic scenes of protests, debates, and confrontations, contextualize the complex dynamics to change the laws that criminalize sex work. At the heart of the movement is a commitment to confront the racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia that drive much of law enforcement.

Produced by Tami Kashia Gold, Bienvenida Matias, Alex Vitale
Directed by Tami Kashia Gold

Teaching about Mental Illness through Play

Apr. 19 | 7:30PM | TV Studio (HN 436)
RSVP | Free & Open to the public.

Educating the general public about mental illness has historically challenged advocates. However, innovations in video games and other spaces of play are emerging that have the potential to level up the landscape of mental health advocacy. Our panel of experts will discuss the progress made thus far in this burgeoning approach to teaching about mental illness and what excites them about its future.

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