Month: February 2023

IMA alumni and faculty screening

International Documentary Film Festival Poster

IMA alumni and faculty will be screening their films honoring the “Independent US Documentary” at the 20th International Documentary Film Festival “Santiago Alvarez in Memoriam” in Cuba Mar. 3-8.

Included in this showcase of US & Puerto Rican films are a program of shorts by the Meerkat Collective (IMA alumni: Sean Hanely, Claudia Valencia Zamora, Alex Malis, and Sarah Ema Friedland) and Making the Impossible Possible, co-directed by IMA alum Pam Sporn and Prof. Tami Gold.

Prof. Andrew Demirjian & IMA alum Luca Lee awarded VR Grant

Prof. Andrew Demirjian &  IMA alum Luca Lee awarded VR Grant

The IMA MFA program has been awarded the Create with VR Headset Grant by Unity Technologies, which consists of 24 Meta Quest VR headset packages, including charging cables, two touch controllers, two AA batteries, a power adapter, and a glasses spacer.

The grant proposal, submitted by Professor Andrew Demirjian and IMA alum Luca Lee, focused on strengthening the technical support for current and future VR classes for IMA students and their independent XR and VR practices.