Month: April 2021

Community trainings on responding to Anti-Asian harassment

Community trainings on responding to anti-asian harassment poster

In response to the sharp and sustained rise in anti-Asian harassment, Hunter College is partnering with Hollaback! and Asian Americans Advancing Justice Center to offer trainings to learn about the context of anti-Asian racism in the United States, help people identify incidents as they happen, and take action safely and effectively. These free, online trainings are open to all Hunter students and the Hunter College community.

Training Descriptions:

Monday, April 19th @ 7:00-8:00pm – How to Respond to Harassment for People Experiencing Anti-Asian/American Harassment

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Prof. Isabel Pinedo’s podcast

Prof. Isabel Pinedo’s podcast “Talking Television in a Time of Crisis,” episode 12 on Aesthetics is now available. The panelists are all TV scholars (Jason Mittell, Elana Levine, Yael Levy, and Josie Torres Barth). The episode is a conversation about: What is the relationship between art and commerce, aesthetics and politics, in television? How is television transforming aesthetically, and what new developments in TV form and style have emerged in this time of crisis? How have new forms of television changed our relationship to TV during these challenging times?